The myth of the 'correct posture'.


A static posture, no matter which one, held for too long puts stress on our tissues and systems. As the circulation is reduced our muscles, skin, tissues etc. are supplied with less blood, less oxygen and less nitrites substances to work properly. The direct effects are that we become more uncomfortable, more tired, and less productive when we are forced to remain still. On the long term our body develops muscular strains and pains especially in the region of the back and neck.  



Why the best posture is always the next one.


The human body is a dynamic system, which cannot find stasis, so we can’t find any point of complete rest. We have no flat places in our joints that can be lined up against each other to lock into place, which might free muscles from having to do any work. This explains why we tend to constantly move or fidget. According to research we move around an average of 53 times per hour when seated! Simply said, people are ‘unstable’. That’s why chairs should accommodate body movement. 



A professional opinion


During the research phase we interviewed physiotherapists and osteopaths who later tried the CC stools and reviewed them.

"The design of the Einser stool offers a creative, playful and innovative solution to the functional demands of our low back. Indeed, the springy and mobile plywood 'leg', in direct continuation with the base of the chair, allows for the pelvis, and thus the lumbar spine, to bend and twist in most planes, exposing the lower back to all of those movements that traditional office chairs normally prevent." 

Thomas Pinna, Osteopath at Core Clapton, London UK, 2021.

"As an osteopath, I recommend my patients fo be active during their working hours in order to take care of their spine. The CC stools are the perfect combination of body comfort and movement. I would definitively recommend them" 

Sarah Castoldi, Osteopath at Milano Kinetic, Milan Italy, 2021.