CC Einser stool

The Einser stool is a flexible seat for everyday use. Its sprung structure invites to move freely. Its symmetric shape allows you to change between various postures. In your office, your home office, kitchen or living room - The Einser helps you to stay active during the day. You can swing, tilt & bounce, or you can rock back and forth. Kids also discovered it’s a great rocking chair. 



moving sideways, moving forth & back, bouncing, tilting, wiggling



straight posture, straight posture 90 ° turned, tilted forward posture, saddle seat 



W 380 / D 400 / H 500mm



beech plywood core

finish: oak veneer, walnut veneer, matt laminate



PPM cord in various colours (see below from left to right)

orange, red, berry, green, blue, black