CC Achter stool

The Achter stool rests solid on the ground and has a flat surface for you to sit on. You can swing back and forth, circle your hips and bounce. You can also use it as a coffee or side table or stack multiple stools to create crazy sculptures. This stool is perfect for your living room and it's sure to stimulate your creativity. 

Special tip for Yoga Fans: The rounded shape lifts you off the ground and makes it easier to get into certain postures. The slight instability activates your deep muscles and gives you an extra challenge. 



moving sideways, moving back & forth, circling, wiggling



W 500 / D 350 / H 460mm



beech plywood core

finish: oak veneer, walnut veneer, matt laminate



PPM cord in various colours (see below from left to right)

orange, red, berry, green, blue, black